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Mission & Vision

It is the mission of Marblehead Elementary School to help all children realize their potential as life-long learners who apply basic skills and use technology effectively. Our diverse school community expects academic excellence and values differences.

Kids raising their hands


The behavior, academic process, and emotional well being of each student are continually monitored and appropriate services are provided.

Students with special needs are supported.

Learning to read


Marblehead Elementary School is a community of cohesive learners who are enthused about their accomplishments and their role in school life.

The school provides a safe haven for reaching individual learning potential.

Cross Cultural communication is emphasized.

Conflict resolution is promoted through teaching necessary skills.


Marblehead Elementary School focuses on developing positive character traits.

The school is a place where all students feel emotionally and intellectually safe to express themselves.


The Marblehead Learning Community exhibits high expectations for student success, and work collaboratively to promote student achievement.

The Marblehead staff interacts collaboratively sharing their strengths for the benefit of the entire learning community. Staff members communicate openly and effectively. Staff development is ongoing. Grade level teams communicate with each other and other staff members cohesively.

The Marblehead staff is a community of leaders.

Community Partnership and Involvement

Marblehead Elementary School recognizes the importance of partnership with its community of students, parents, staff and local businesses.

Parents play an active role in education of their children, and work with teachers to emphasize the importance of education.

Marblehead Elementary School provides ongoing educational opportunities for parents.

Curriculum and Instruction

Marblehead Elementary School has high expectations for all students.

Learning opportunities are provided which support the State Standards.