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Principal's Message

Welcome to Marblehead Elementary Environmental Studies Academy!   As a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) school, our students engage in cross-curricular projects focused on the effects of human interaction with the natural environment and are empowered to design solutions to complex problems facing the planet. 


Our students develop an understanding that environmental challenges face every aspect of society.  Through problem-based learning opportunities, students practice the four C’s:  Communication, Cooperation, Critical Thinking and Creativity.  Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies are taught authentically through lessons and activities that focus on human interaction with the environment.  In partnership with Inside the Outdoors, The Ocean Institute, About and For Sustainability and other local programs, students participate in indoor and outdoor classroom lessons, hands-on laboratory investigations and stewardship of the school garden and outdoor classroom as a microcosm of the larger environment. The goal of this program is to help students develop 21st-century skills that will translate not just into an introduction to careers such as Environmental Engineering, Geology or Environmental Law, but also to develop responsible citizenship.


We welcome parents and community members to come be a part of the action! 


Dr. Faith Morris


Faith Morris Ed.D School Principal